Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vembusons- the genesis

Usually I avoid my personal stuff in my blog. But the time around I have made an exception. (I have a tendency to make a lot of exceptions though). Rummaging through files at my father's office, I came across these archival business correspondence. Apparently my grandfather's father Vembu Iyer wanted to start the sole franchise for Godrej Boyce Mfg Co in 1943. He had never met a single representative from the company( it was and still is based in Bombay then). His only previous experience with Godrej was the fact that he had bought an almirah in 1938 !! It is interesting see how people proposed business ventures based on a mere purchase of a company good. Eventually my great grandpa did get the franchise and the business is still thankfully running even today. I am what I am because of this business. Vembu may have passed away but his solid legacy still looms large on all his descendants !!!
(just click on the image for an enlarged view to read)


Vishnuvardhanan Vijayakumar said...

So your family still have the franchise is it ? Wow

Shankar said...

Yes it is running and even paying for my Rutgers fees...:-)))