Sunday, September 6, 2009

Follow the herd..dont stand out

The other day while I was commuting the University bus, the driver threw a question at the passangers. Do you folks wanna switch on the AC? Well a seemingly simple question. Answer would be a firm YES or a NO.

But for nearly seconds (that seemed like an eternity) the question was answered with stoic silence. Then a few rumblings. Finally an owerwelming NO. I never realised human instincts are too complicated to understand.

Most of us have this "tag-along-the-majority" syndrome programmed in our genes. we wait for the crowd and then decide on our course of approach. We simply be refused to be on the part of the minority. we tend to sacrifice our individual views to majoritarian voices.

I definitely wanted the AC switched ON. Had I sticked to my guns and shouted aloud, surely the outcome would have been a different one indeed. Of course other passengers wouldn't mind as well, as they pre-programmed to follow the crowd.

Perhaps this explains why we need leaders in our social and political institutions. Most of us are simple unwilling to follow our heart says. Individuality is the first victim of this mentality. We are all leaders in our own merit. Unless we imbibe this spirit, I am afraid we would only end following the herd.

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