Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going down the drain...

We seldom value things that come free. Air and water are the first examples that comes to mind when I state this axiom. Water, the very essence of life, is being taken for granted by the affluent sections of the society. Is water that cheap, that you dont need to meter it?

After coming to US, I had to get use to bathing in a bathtub. But then I realised that I end up wasting more water , as it goes down the drain, rather than wetting any portion of my body. (also considering the fact the water is of drinking quality, I could not but help claculating the sheer waste). US Department of Energy estimates on average a person in US uses 200-300 liters of water everyday for domestic purposes !!. Man, this nation is one heck of a water gusher.

This led to a more insightful reflection as to why I need water to bathe? I could think of two salient reasons
  • First being the exfoliating effect of water. (removing dirt and dust from the pores of the skin).
  • Second, water being the viscous medium for the soap (including liquid based soaps) to act chemically as well as to ease the dabbing action. (imagine running a dry soap on a dry skin)

So I made a conscious decision on my part to use the age old Indian practice bathing with a water mug. I can easily guess that my water consumption has drastcially cut down. Plus, there is no water spliing outside the tub. (I wish my roomates could follow this simple rule!!!) But having said that its is wrong on my part to expect others to follow my example. Atleast let me practice first, before I start to preach.

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Australopithecus said...

Actually water is metered in a lot of places in the US. some apartment complexes include water in the rent, so you do not get the bill yourselves, but the chaps who run it do get the bill.

also average use is more than 300 liters. 100 gallons per day. (that is around 365 L ?)

But that said. You are right, people in this country do not value clean water enough.