Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A story of Sex

SEX...its kind of a catchy word. The very mention of the word is enough for our minds conjures some wild associations (unless of course a Chemist nerd would associate with selenium halide SeX). The truth I guess we are at some point in life fascinated and excited about sex.

So the first question that props up in our discussion is whether or not we humans obsessed with sex? The answers are quite obvious from our everyday experiences. Lindsay Lohan in thongs would certainly make it to the first page of any tabloids, brothels of Sona Gahji in Kolkatta is only growing by the day, Monica Lewinsky affair or more recently Eliot Spitzer (Guest 9) episode are all compelling examples humans obsessions with sex. After all its no wonder that prostitution is the second oldest profession in the world, next to of course farming.

So what is it about sex that makes it so fascinating, yet to so embarrassing that we hardly share with others? Even animals do have sex, but from their perspective sex is just a minor part of life functions. (ensuring their survival takes up half of their life functions, I guess.) Our nearest animal cousin, the chimpanze monkey copulates in less than five minutes on each occasion. (Source: BBC documentary " Journey of Life") (Also reminds me of Tamil movies which have quite notriously mastered the picturization of "First Night" scenes, followed only by mouring of the dead and perhaps "Ponnu pakkara" scenes).

My theory is that originally we shared the same reason for indulging in sexual acts as our bretherns in the animal kingdom (i.e. to perpetuate the species). But as time passed on and humans emerged the masters of this world, sex become more of an elaborate ritual coupled with symbolisms.

I spoke of symbolisms in the sense aspects like G-spot, virginity, MILF, dildos etc. They constitute the symbols and instruments to aid this ritual of sex. Certainly a look into any porn web portals on cane find abundant references to these mere symbolisms. my belief is that it these symbols that fuel the obsession of sex.

Jawarharlal Nehru in his book , " Dicovery of India" took a strong exception to Mohandas K Gandhi's* remarks that any sex apart fron the purpose of the progeny perpetuation is a sin. So why is that sex which most of us do indulge, is considered a vice before the altar of spiritualism?
Religion don't prohibit sex, but why do we use religion as an offcial sanction to permanently render sex as a lowly taboo subject?

Also the question of what constitutes sex must be defined. One of my friends remarked that sex is a performing art. Perhaps in a way its true as the artists here are performing some of the finest artistic expression mankind can ever concieve. I guess sex is more of a emotional, phyiscal and to some extent a spiritual excercise wherein un-conditional confidence is reposed on the enagaing partner. Its a kind of reassurance that we demand and get from the partner.

Whatever be it, I must admit that humans are obsessed with sex, with only the degree of obsession varying from time to time. But sex is also an intensely private subject, hence the experiences of sex is usually not considered worth sharing. I guess the symbolisms that have come to plague the sublime nature of sex, is bound to stay. After all instead of personally experimenting our own sex adventures, we tend to rely on these symbols as a guide book.

After all sex is supreme.

Note: I intentionally avoided "Mahatma" as it was not a part of his name, rather a title. If that is the case, I need to address Nehru as "Pandit", "Kalaignar" Karunanidhi and it complicates things. So for the sake of uniformity, I have deicded to use only the names of persons.

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